Too Many Integrated Scripts In Rapid Weaver 8

have just received a crawl report from my site which says there are too many integrated scripts. This is likely to be slowing down the load speed of the website. As you know page load speed impact significantly on the website ranking. I understand that there are some limitations to the theme is because these are out of the box themes, however I should be grateful if you can let me know whether it is possible to correct this error and if so how, as page speed is a significant issue for us.

What report are you using?
Most of these reports are making suggestions to improve things like loading speed. Keep in mind that the actual time a page loads is what effects any SERP ranking, not how the page rates by any of the many SEO utilities.

An example of utilities misguiding you is Googles own PageSpeed test will tell you to consolidate CSS and JavaScript files to speed loading. That’s true if you’re server is using HTTP 1.x protocols, however if you’re using HTTP 2.x this can actually slow the loading of a page. Because HTTP 2.x would allow multiple files to load concurrently.

Absolutely does impact SERP ranking, but bots don’t care about “why” the page is loading slower than the competitors page just that it’s slower. You can have a page that “passed” all the crawler report test and takes much longer to load then a competitors page that “failed” these tests. For that search engine matrix the competitors page would win.

There’s an option in advanced settings to consolidate CSS and JavaScript, but that may not make you faster at all.

Probably the best thing to do to speed page speed is to examine the assets on the page. Make sure images are first truly needed, and second are resized and optimized. Many times removing one image would have much greater impact on page load speed than consolidating script files.


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