Troubleshoot GeoTarget

Is there anyone willing to help me troubleshoot an issue with GeoTarget who IS within the country of Canada, but NOT in the province of Saskatchewan? (or Alberta, because I have already troubleshot it with 3 different people in AB who all get the same result - the one that indicates it is not working correctly).

You don’t need to know anything about GeoTarget, only how to find your IP address.

If you are in Canada, but NOT in SK, and are willing to help, please visit this link If you see a message for one of my troubleshooters, Orlando, it means the problem is also outside of the province of Alberta, and I suspect Canada wide.

If you see a message that says “You are not in Saskatchewan” it is working correctly. Unless you actually are in Saskatchewan, in which case it is obviously not working right. (But it works for me and I am in SK.)

The good folks at Joe Workman support have gone above and beyond to assist in solving this, but since they are not physically in Canada, are not seeing the problem.

OK, I’ve made it even easier. I added an IP address locator to the page so you don’t even need to know how to look it up.

Alberta, and getting the Orlando note… but you already knew that.

It’s still helpful. Thank you. What’s your IP address BTW? One in Red Deer does not give an exact location, it just gives “Canada”.

I am

The only other hosers I can think of off hand are @turtle and @thebugnut but I haven’t seen them around much lately.

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