Unable to access projects

I have tried to access the project www.gambay.net to make some additions. But all that happens is an invitation to create a new project. I have been all over the Mac trying all sorts of “backdoors” without any success. During my travel around my Mac I got a Message saying “GB_Home_Logo_01”. Missing plug-ins Accordion, DateLoom, Stacks. Could this be the problem and if so how can I get those plug-ins back without access to my project. By the Way, none of my other RW projects are accessible.
Fyg I use iMac OS Catalina v. 10.15.7 - Rapid Weaver 8, v. 8.6.2.

That looks like a URL not a project file.

Was the project Created with RW8? If so, then the project file name will end with the extension .rw8 So look for that.

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