“Unequal grid” of boxes

Hi RW Forum fellows,

It sounds maybe naive, but I’m looking for RW grid stack or method to solve a content composition question. It’s about an “unequal grid” of clickable image and text boxes.

I have to build a grid of unequal boxes (texts and images). To be more simple, the boxes should be in 100x100%, 50x50 % or 100x50 % WxH ratio, I guess. The number of the rows and the columns is about 6 or 8.
The composition should seem chaotic like the example below, but actually, it would consist of a grid. I’ve attached that schema in my attempt to facilitate the explanation.

The composition must be horizontally center aligned or even better if edge-to-edge positioned.

My tools: RW6, Stacks 3.5;

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you!

As luck may have it, I have something the works that does this. Its at least one month away from getting launched though.


Thanks, Joe for your answer,
I’m glad you’re preparing such a product. It would be useful for the designers. Waiting for it and wish you luck!

And sorry for Brazil - they were one of my favorites too, but “Vive la France” as the French use to say.

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