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Dromeas Theme

Short history
Dromeas was first released over a decade ago back in 2010. This was one of my first themes and one of the first themes made for Stacks, as far as I know, long before FreeStack and all frameworks that came after.

The layout concept is that of a single-page design, where blocks of content represent the pages. We can have as many blocks / pages as needed for our project.

We can navigate to pages in horizontal, vertical and diagonal, with many variants and animation functions and speeds. 3D functions can be optionally applied.

UIkit-3 support
All UIkit-3 components and stacks are compatible with Dromeas. I also offer UIkit-3 Packs in case you don’t have UIkit-3, with selected stacks from the framework on a discounted price tag.


Dromeas comes with ready-to-use projects, the same displayed on the demos.

I use Dromeas on my personal website: https://lucastsolakian.com
Dromeas product page: Archetypon

Special upgrade price is available for current customers, in case you didn’t received my email just send me a message to support@archetypon.net


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Another great theme :+1:

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