Uploading Images Does Not Require Admin Privileges? [SOLVED]

Hi there.

So I have a site with Total CMS & an admin page.

I just noticed that I can upload images to any of the pages without being logged in as an admin. I can just drag & drop the image on the page where it tells me to - and it uploads…

It would appear I have not set something correctly on my admin page.

Any ideas what I’ve overlooked?



If you are logged out the admin page shouldn’t load at all… you should just see the login page.
My guess is that you are still logged in. You can set the auto log out time in the protect and page safe stacks, which ever one you are using.

Hey there swilliam.

This one was totally user error doh…:roll_eyes:

I forgot to assign a CMS ID - so the gallery stack just said “totalcms”

Once I changed them to the ones associated in the admin page - all was well again…


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