Urgent help needed

I would be grateful for any comments on this problem that has just arisen.

I was tweaking a few things on a page. I was adjusting the size of an image from 100% to 70%. The image is on the server and I was changing the % in the tag. Suddenly my page doubled in size and the picture which should have been 30% smaller was much much bigger affecting the size of the page.

I have no idea what happened. I tried logging out and back in but it seems to be stuck in that format.

Never had this happen before? I don’t think I hit any odd buttons. When I preview the page it is distorted.

Any ideas or solutions? You can look at the problem at http://frankhanna.com/york/ which is a test folder I have set up to illustrate. The picture in question is the second from the bottom.



It looks like you might have entered “100%” without the need to enter the “” again. For that reason it’s not picking up the correct width setting.

Try just entering 100% without any “”

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You have inserted another set of quote marks around the size.

What is more they are curly quotes - turn off Use smart quotes in RW preferences.

Dear Andrew and Neil

I cannot thank you enough for your talent and for the speed of response.

You are spot on and have taught me something important.

Thanks again.