Using SiteLock with RW8

Hello, I am using RW 8, with the website hosted at They offer Sitelock with their hosting package but in order to use it with RW8 they said that I needed to use a redirect to an HTTPS page. OK, I do not have any idea how to do this or apply Sitelock to my RW8 page. Any help would be appreciated.

Don’t know what SiteLock is or does? Is it an SSL certificate? I looked at the link above to Network Solutions and quickly gave up. Way too many floating help windows and couldn’t find the simple help area.

When you say redirects to HTTPS that’s usually easy, but you need an SSL certificate installed first. You then need to eliminate all mixed content. Then, and only then you do the redirects or you can break the site.

Stay away from SiteLock! They feed on user’s ignorance. They create more problems than they solve. Once you subscribe, it is very difficult to unsubscribe.

BTW, Please, do not confuse SiteLock (which is ‘smoke and mirrors’) with Sitelok (worth every penny)!

The most positive review I’ve found about SiteLock is here. More often, real users are pissed beyond belief. Myself included. One more warning: most rave reviews come on various sites that belong to the owners of SiteLock.

I forgot to mention that anti-malware scanning is done for free by most hosting companies not belonging to the EIG corporation.


Ditto on the Stay away from SiteLock! No no no… no…

Yes Yes to Sitelok

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