Vaniila Forums - customising the email welcome message

I’ve got an installation of Vanilla Forums integrated into an RW site and it’s working OK, but the welcome email directs new members to the wrong URL. I’d like to be able to direct them to the correct one which points to the forum that’s embedded on the site.

I’m hoping someone here has experience of this - I don’t think it’s the kind of thing you can make an educated guess at - and can help. I just need a pointer as to where to look, if there’s a file I can edit etc.

Any help appreciated as always,


I’m not familiar with Vanilla Forums… is it a php script(s) you downloaded and installed on your server?

Could you download your site (or appropriate folder) to your mac (via ftp/sftp/etc) and then do a simple osx search on the website folder to find the link?

I’m just throwing darts in the dark here…

Hi Greg. Yes, It’s a php script that I’ve installed via Softaculous. From talking to a few other people it’s a bit more complicated than that - someone I’ve found who runs a Vanilla forum says it’s “stupidly complicated”. If/when I find the answer, I’ll post back here in case it helps others.



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