Viewing exported site hosted locally: problems viewing locally in browser

I’ve created a site for my tenure review portfolio. It uploads fine by FTP to my own domain. But I can’t host it here for the review process. After exporting locally, I noticed that it’s not possible to navigate through the site in a browser when hosted locally. Is this normal? A window opens when clicking on a link, and I must click the index.html file for each page I wish to access. I thought it was possible to navigate through the entire site, even locally in a browser.

Thanks in advance. Need to figure this out soon. Upcoming deadline.

Could this help? Or this?

Many thanks, Mark. Last time I did this, there were issues after uploading a .zip file and unpacking everything. After changing settings to “cruftless links” (tidy now?), the site worked properly in Desire2Learn, where I must host it.

Hopefully, it will work again this time. I could do the site within D2L itself. But the RW site looks so much better.

Thanks again!

Nope. Not working on D2L nor locally on browser. Files in Resources folder, however, do seem to work (on D2L).