Volume warning for RW7 purchasers

In the past when purchasing stacks from Joe Workman I had to remember to turn down the speaker volume.
I spend a lot of money on stacks and used to get caught out when, having purchased a JW stack, he would loudly proclaim ‘Thank you for your purchase now go forth and make your website greater’ (or something to that effect).
This was always a big give-away to my better half who, sharing an office with me, would instantly know I was feeding my habit.

This has been discussed before and I know that there are others in the same position.
So, for anyone thinking of upgrading/purchasing RW7 you may need to turn down the volume at purchase completion. I’ve just been caught out again as there is an almighty fanfare (and visual confetti display) upon purchase completion!:boom::sparkles::tada::confetti_ball:


LOL. Funny enough starting next week, my installer will be retired. When you purchase a stack, it will be delivered as a zip file. I had to do this for RW7 compatibility.

As a side note, the stack always resides in the Resources folder on the DMG. You don’t need to use the installer.

Haha. I was on the opposite end of your spectrum. My 4-year-old daughter thought that I had won a lottery or entered some magical portal.

As Dan told me on Twitter, you can replay the sound by clicking the registration window. This became an exciting 5 minutes of fun in our household last night

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Tell me about it…I wanted to get rid of the annoying Buy Licence tag (in green top right corner) which doesn’t go away once registered. So I clicked on it to see if it would disappear and instead the fanfare started all over again. My missus thinks I’ve been ‘pushing the boat out’.

And for more fun you can click on the green button over and over to here it. with a little rhythm you could get a catchy tune going LOL

That is exactly what I though too. I really do not like that Ryan Air fanfare. I always thought they should also play the same fanfare when the plane departs late, or gets cancelled, or … the list could go on. When you celebrate an event which is your absolute minimum requirement, i.e. the plane arrives on time, why the need to celebrate it?

Fanfares = Yuk.

That reminds me of the time I went to the Apple store to buy a charger and was ‘congratulated’ on my purchase as I walked out. Even as an Apple fan, that level of self-satisfaction is a bit much.

(Having said that, this firmly falls in the whimsy category, I got a chuckle from the upgrade sound).

By the way, does Ryan Air mean you’re an irishman? I’m Canadian but my mom is from Ireland (mostly Cork/Kerry areas).

The issue with the “Buy License” button still showing will be fixed on Monday. Sorry about that!

@dan [quote]The issue with the “Buy License” button still showing will be fixed on Monday. Sorry about that![/quote]

I am REALLY pleased about that :slight_smile: