Wanna help me get a new job?

Hi, Everyone!

I am in the final stages of interviewing for a position as a Web/Email Developer at a company called HeartMath. My final task is to send along 2 - 3 email addresses of people who I have worked on projects with as a web developer.

Many of you will likely know I have always appreciated RapidWeaver, Stacks, all of the other 3rd part developers. This community of developers and users have helped me grow tremendously over the years.

As a way to pay it forward, I have often helped out other users and developers whenever possible. I have never really kept track of all the things I have worked on as I was more interested in the task at hand and then the next.

I now find myself asking for help from this community once more. If we have worked together on a project in the past, regardless of how big or small, and you would like to be a reference for my skills an/or character please send me a Private Message with your email address.

I will forward your email to the CEO who will be reviewing my references. You will then receive a form to fill out. I’m not sure what questions will be on that form, but just answer it to the best of your ability.




A bit off topic but, a mental health group in my department use (or at least used to use) HeartMath. Good luck with the interview!

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That’s pretty cool! I’ve used the technology for years. Also, thank you!
It would really be great to get on the team and be able to work closely with the technology.

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