⭐ Weaver's Space Summit 2019 - Lets take it to the next level

I am so excited for the summit this year! This is going to be our 4th year and it will be better than all of the previous years.

The Weaver’s Space Summit is 3 fun filled days of learning and sharpening our web design skills. We will have a good array of topics to keep both novice and advanced users engaged. This won’t be your typical online conference.

I have mentioned in the past few weeks of newsletters that tickets were available for sale. I had not made an official announcement because I wanted to get the video done. However, the past couple of weeks have been crazy and I didn’t want to delay any longer just for a video. (Side note: Recorded the video yesterday, It should be released by next week)

Early Bird Pricing

Save when you purchase tickets early. Every 2 weeks the ticket prices will go up until we reach the full ticket price of $247. Get your tickets early and save!

Tickets: https://summit.weavers.space/tickets/


The summit will be October 18-20, 2019.

I am still finalizing the times. However, it will probably start like previous years.

  • San Francisco (PST) 10am - 4pm
  • London (GMT) 6pm - 12am
  • Sydney (AEST) 3am - 9am (Oct 19-21)

Check your timezone: Every Time Zone: time zone converter, compare time zone difference and find best time for a meeting with one click


WSC will be 100% online. So you will get the pleasure of relaxing at home or in your office while you enjoy the conference and interact with fellow attendees. As a paid attendee, you will also get access to all of the recordings of each session.

Speaker Lineup

I worked harder on the speaker lineup this year than I have any previous year. I really wanted to bring an even better lineup than we ever have (and last year’s speakers were pretty awesome). We have 8 new speakers and 6 female speakers! I am so excited to see that we have such a diverse group of speakers to learn from.

Speakers: Speakers - Stacks Summit by Weaver's Space

Live Sessions

The sessions this year are all targeted at making you a better web designer, freelancer and business owner. (final schedule not yet set)

Schedule: Schedule - Stacks Summit by Weaver's Space


Once you purchase your tickets to this year’s summit, you will get immediate access to almost 50 talks from previous year’s conferences. You will have access to all of these recordings for one year.

The replays for this year’s summit will be made available to all attendees in Nov 2019. You will access them through the same conference dashboard.

Replays: https://summit.weavers.space/replays/


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