Website Builder needed to build 2 websites (based on two existing sites)


I want to hire someone for a one time task to rebuild two existing websites ( and just vitalita) using RapidWeaver.

(Note: no ecommerce on either of these sites)

Full details available on this page:

Some details from that page shown below:


  • I am looking for someone to migrate two of my existing websites to a new website builder tool: RapidWeaver.
  • Two existing web site that are to be rebuilt (keeping them as static web sites) as part of this project: vitalita rental and vitalita .
  • This would be a one-time building task.
  • Right now my website is built on a MacOS-based website building tool “Sandvox”.
  • But this tool is not being updated anymore, so I want to move my two websites to a new tool that is supported.
  • Build with tool: RapidWeaver.
  • I assume when you build my new websites that you will want to use RapidWeaver addons: (a) Stacks and (b) Foundry - that is fine with me (or if everything can be done with the base RapidWeaver tool, that is fine too).

Milestones with Deliverables:

  • Milestone 1 = build only 2 webpages to start: (a) main page rental site (index.html) and (b) the “availability” page - deliverable=design file with these two pages - this step is to make sure I like the basic design before we proceed - and I will test uploading this to a test server - if you take the project, you agree that we can iterate until we have a basic design that I like.
  • Milestone 2 = entire vitalita site - deliverable=design file for the entire site vitalita rental site.
  • Milestone 3 = entire vitalita site as per site map - but don’t need all the historical update/news pages, instead only create the most recent page - overall, this is about 30 pages (this should be a completely separate site from above /rental site, so should be a different design file).

When replying about your interest in this project:
First, please read all these requirements to make sure this project will work for you.
Then please answer these questions:
D - If you have built websites with RapidWeaver before, please list a couple of those websites =
E - List other websites you have built (not with RapidWeaver) =
F - What is your quoted price for each Milestone (1-3) listed above?

Hi Mark,

I sent you an email with some info.