Website not loading online

For the past 4 hours I’ve tried to load my website using the built in FTP in RapidWeaver 7. Due to the file storage in RapidWeaver 7, I can’t seem to load the website using Fetch either.

I’m at a loss as to why it isn’t loading but I’m told by my internet provider that even though RapidWeaver is saying that it is loading the files, it is NOT transferring files to the internet.

Can anyone give any actual assistance in regard to this, even if it is how to use Fetch instead of the inbuilt FTP.

Without more information it’s going to be difficult to get help from people here.

  1. Who’s your hosting company?
  2. Are you getting any messages good or bad from RapidWeaver?
  3. A screen shot of your RapidWeaver publishing settings

That’s not making any sense to me, I don’t use fetch, but have used many other FTP clients and “file storage” shouldn’t have anything to do with transferring files. Did you publish the project locally first?

When you say you are “loading with Fetch” are you doing an export from RW and uploading the exported files?
(File menu - export site.) When you use fetch do you see any files on your server? And what directory are you pointing to when you upload (“public_html” or whatever is appropriate in your case). teefer’s three points are good ones.

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