Weird Rapidweaver upload notifications

Practically since the first day of installing RW6 I have seen strange notification behaviour that makes no sense. Let’s say I work from 8.00pm to 10.00pm and upload a couple changes then quit RW before putting the computer to sleep for the night. The next morning when I wake up the computer I’ll see an OS X notification that RW has uploaded changes to the site, even though I quit the application an hour or so before putting the computer to sleep and it’s not currently active.

I worked right through last night and still haven’t been to bed as I am trying to finish a big work project today. RW was open but I hadn’t made any changes in quite a while but at 7.00am precisely the OS X notification appeared appeared on my desktop that RW had uploaded changes.

Is there any plausible explanation for this or is my copy of RW haunted? The odd thing is that if I look in the notifications bar now there is no sign of those notifications.

The OS X notification system doesn’t give apps such as RapidWeaver a way to directly display a notification. RapidWeaver simply requests of OS X that a notification is shown. Based on the settings made in System Preferences (in the Notifications pane), OS X determines whether - or how - to show the notification.

As such, the only way this would be happening is if there’s some delay or quirk in the notifications feature in OS X. We have no control over the display and timing of these notifications. Do you get the notifications before quitting RapidWeaver?


I always receive a notification as expected after uploading a change to the server. It’s just strange that I also receive these notifications the morning after, even when there has been no further use of RW and normally hours after I have already quit the application. This morning I just happened to be sat there and the notification happened at exactly 7.00am.

We don’t have any ability to control these. Likely a ghost in the notification system on OS X I’m afraid.

I knew my copy of Rapidweaver was haunted :grinning:

It’s not RW. It’s your Mac :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: