What are these types of buttons called? Inspiration needed :-)

Hi all,

I need to put some ‘buttons’ on a page which are a gateway to further pages, a bit like this website here: http://akarchitecturalcornwall.co.uk/services_/

They’ve got house icons halfway down the page which you hover over and can then click on to get to the next page.

Is there a name for buttons like this? I want to create some of my own using a hoverstack but stylewise I’m feeling uninspired so I want to hunt for some alternative layouts for this sort of button.

Many thanks!

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take a look at these examples:

Google image hover effect ideas or inspiration


Oo I love those thanks! Just need to work out how to make them using Rapidweaver :wink:

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The new Sections Pro by Big White Duck is able to do many of these now. It will take a download of his demo and a read-through of his site to understand how to incorporate them, but it’s pretty slick.


Yes, sections PRO is a killer stack! I was playing around with the animation options and you can create some of those hover effects.


Thanks all :-). I just purchased Hovermate actually and it’s beeutiful but I’ll certainly have a play with Sections Pro too.

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Have a look/search here http://www.freepik.com
Lots and lots of very good free icons and images, you’ll need to give freepik credit on the site, a tiny icon somewhere on the last page should do it.
What you ideally want are svg vector images, if you have something like Affinity designer, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator you can edit them to suit your sites colours like I did for this site http://www.nqca.eu/nqca_home/