What hosting company do you like to use?

(Doug Bennett) #87

No matter what hosting company you use if you are going to use Cloudflare (it’s primarily for speed) you should make sure your FTP/SFTP are set correctly. The error you are getting really has nothing to do with the SSL you have added but the DNS settings.

(Noah Palmer) #88

That was exactly the problem. Thank you!

Ironically, I probably caused the problem myself a couple of weeks ago. The Cloudflare stats showed zero hits on my site, so I assumed that even though the site was active on Cloudflare, for some reason the site traffic wasn’t going through Cloudflare. So I changed several of those gray icons to orange. That probably included the FTP icon. However, now that I have the IP address, it works and I can keep the extra FTP security feature.

I really appreciate your help.