What hosting company do you like to use?

I generally use 1and1 to host all my sites. But I haven’t found that 1and1 value my custom, I don’t get any perks for bringing all of my clients into the 1and1 fold. So if you had many small sites that you wanted to get hosted, cheaper than 1and1 can do it, which hosting company do you trust?

I have used Omnis for years, never had any real issues. I know that a lot of people use Little Oak, however Little Oak is owned by Omnis.

I don’t remember if they have an affiliate plan or not though.

I also have a site or 2 on Chillidog, have zero issues with them (and Greg is one of us)

I use ICUK here in Blighty. A first class service with great support if / when you need it.
Not the cheapest, but one I can recommend.

i’ve been using united domains (united-domains.de) for some years now. they are cheap (€ 19,- per year for a basic site, € 49,- for a domain) and have great service.
cheers, tomas

Chillidog is great and you can have subdomains inside your hosting plan. Maybe it help to make things cheaper.

I have been using Lunarpages since 2007. Great company to deal with in terms of reliability and support.

I’ve been using MacHighway. Customer service has been outstanding, no problems with reliability, long track record, and prices are competitive. One very pleased customer here.

I’ve used Little Oak in the USA for several years now. Prices are reasonable, customer service is pretty fast and reliable and I very rarely experience any downtime with either my sites or email service via Little Oak.

Hi Gabrielle

I run Chillidog Hosting. How can I help you with your hosting? I’d be happy to have you onboard. I do migrations for new users for free. This would include your clients if they have their own accounts.

For referrals, I do have an affiliate system which you can take advantage of.

Just let me know. I’m happy to answer any questions and help.



I have used Little Oak for several years had good luck with them. Recently going with Chillidog and been happy with Greg’s support.


I’ve got some legacy sites with Little Oak but all new ones are hosted on Chillidog.

Chillidog Hosting, been with them for almost 2 years! and also happy with Greg’s support all the time!


+1 for chillidog, Greg is great

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Colocated server with wehostmacs.com its more cost effective for me.

I’m using MacHighway but my opinion of them is split.

I’ve been with them for years and have some of my clients hosting sites there as well. My issue is that unless I ask the exact question I need to, customer service is extremely unhelpful. I’m in IT and primarily a hardware repair tech in my job role, but I do know enough to create my own websites. Still I feel like I need to go refresh myself on web hosting before I even think about contacting them for anything.

Why are they still selling domains you can’t do anything with? I’ve encountered this problem with them more often lately as well as clients of mine. They sell domains and then require you to buy hosting and park them. Two clients of mine said fine, cancel my account in which they gave in and said fine here’s free basic domain hosting. Why can’t we simply purchase domains we wish to redirect to other sites? All I want to do is buy a domain and redirect it. MacHighway support continues to say this is not possible. There’s plenty of hosting companies around that sell domains and don’t require hosting packages unless I specifically purchase a web host package with them. I’m being told now that if I buy any more domains from MacHighway, I need to buy more hosting packages. Otherwise I can’t use them. They have to be parked somewhere.

I’ve considered separating my domain hosting from my web hosting for this exact problem. Again I may be using the wrong terminology here, but decent customer service should have the ability to speak with me as a real person that is not as versed in “Hosting” technicalities as they are and understand what I’m trying to do. In the end it just adds extra work on my end.

I am considering alternatives. I wouldn’t let 1and1 or GoDaddy walk my dog. I want decent support in the United States or Canada.

Ok thank you all so much for your input on this :slight_smile: I’m in the UK although I suppose that doesn’t have any bearing on hosting support does it?

I am looking to beat 1and1 on price, as long as the service is equal to 1and1, so I will take a look through all of these posts and then make a decision.

Thanks again!

Falcoda UK

Cheap. Reasonably fast. Surprisingly good support and no fuss. Just works.

Hi Greg, what’s your email address? I’d like to email you if possible.

Of course. I’ve sent you a private message


You won’t beat these http://www.site5.com/in.php?id=162369 i’ve been using them for 3 years hardly a minute of downtime, you can have a London server which i do as my sites are UK based. $143 a year for as many sites as you can make and you get 24/7 support. Live chat too will help you with anything you may need.