What is this folder: MySite.rw8.sb-c5034569-EoNCHu

After upgrading to Catalina (and exporting my Site.rw8) I found in my Sites folder (where I keep my. rw8s) this sub-folder: MySite.rw8.sb-c5034569-EoNCHu. Never seen before. Does anybody know what it is? MTIA

I’m just guessing here but I’d suspect its a temp file that didn’t get deleted by the system due to a crash or similar. When a file is saved it is written as a temp file with a cryptic name like that until the file is verified (written ok) then original replaced by the new. Again, this is only a “guess”.

Many thanks. Yes, I thought so myself, but I do not remember any crash. I will delete the folder and see what happens

OK, I have deleted it and as for now nothing happened to my normal .rw8s

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