Writers Wanted — (Okay, and even poets)

If you think writing is easy then you’re doing it wrong. Writing is hard. Ask any author. Ask Joe Workman. Ask Rob Beattie.

It requires immeasurable patience, boundless energy and unfailing endurance, immense determination, reach beyond grasp, and inexhaustible perseverence. And that’s all before breakfast on a lazy Sunday morn.

Mostly, though, writing demands passion. Passion for the written word and the subject matter. And imagination, the stuff that dreams are made of. And drink, lots of it, to ease the pain and juice the flow. And drugs, of course, to break those mortal chains and open the doors of perception.

And then there’s silence. That sweet elusive music that is both stillborn and stillness and full of the absence and emptiness a writer needs to fill with tears of sleeveworn emotion. The kind of silence that hangs in the air moments after confessing your lust for obscure button stacks or the shameful desire to build a website without using a parallax effect.

If you’re a developer, then you’ll know what I mean. Developers are the left-brain poets of a backbeat generation. And if you’re a writer, you’ll also know what I mean.

And right now you’ll be sitting in your garret, nursing your hangover and saying to yourself, “That guy’s really been there, he understands the depths of despair we tortured poets plumb in the name of webdesign, the hardships we endure to escape our tormented dreams before the sun even sets, the selfless sacrifices we make to bring enlightenment — and just one more slider — to the somnambulant weavers who stumble blind and senseless through the murk of design inspiration.”

And so it goes on. The pathos never really stops.

Which is why RapidWeaver Central are now searching for writers who can write more sense than anything you’ve read up to this point. Who can actually get to the point without feeling the need to pen a literary effing masterpiece.

So long story short: are you that kind of writer: pragmatic, logical, perceptive, and passionate about RapidWeaver and the addons that you use regularly to achieve your ends? Would you like to review RapidWeaver addons or write articles on subjects relating to RapidWeaver?

If so, get in touch — and we’ll bestow upon you the poetic injustice you subconsciously seek: neither fame nor fortune, nor appreciation of the nobler purpose of your abject meanderings, but a captive RapidWeaver audience grateful for your every insight and recommendation.

RapidWeaver Central


Yeah. What he said. :sunglasses:

I certainly agree with what you say. I’d offer to help but I’m very busy.

Thats the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks and if there were an award for the most sumptuously written post of the year, then you have my vote.




RapidWeaver Central are pleased to announce the inauguration of an annual award for ‘The Most Sumptuously Written Post of The Year’. Readers are hereby cordially invited to cast their votes now.

Those of you avidly following this thread may also have noticed that due to a sudden dearth of writers we have now discarded our scruples and will include poets as well.

Here is an example of the standard we are now prepared to accept:

The first ever stack from RapidWeaver Central
Was conceived as purely Transcendental
But when released as a Thing,
The tills went Ka-Ching
And the rest as they say was Consequential.


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You might as well keep the ban on poetry. It rhymes (partly) but it certainly doesn’t scan! :sunglasses:

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I am interested in this position.

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We have almost as many positions as writers apply. :anguished: