Yuzool Cart3 - About return and cancel url

Hello Yuzool people. Yes, it’s me again… :wink:

In your Cart3 documentation, you say :
“Return and Cancel URL should be absolute URLs so e.g. “https://yoursite.com/thank-you” and not just pages in your RapidWeaver project. This is important but if you don’t want to use this just use your homepage."

Could you be more explicit about that ; what is the difference (for the users) between using specific URL and the homepage ? What is important about that choice ? And ; to use homepage, you just put the homepage URL in this two areas, and ; should I put the “clear stack” in the homepage in that case ?

Thank you !!

I think they mean: If you not (yet) have created a Thank you page, just put in your https://yourwebsitehomepage.com, the first page of your project? Which we often call the Home page?

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Thanks Jerome !
Not sure about that, because the thank you page has a specific role ; first it confirms that the payement is ok, and, with Cart3 and the “clear stack” installed ; it makes your cart empty again…

Hi Nicolas,
So suggest make a thank you page and put the clear stack in there?

Yes, sure, but I’d like to understand why it si said that it is important to create those two pages and why, at the same time, it is said that we can skip them and use the home page as the return page… I just want to have more explanations about this situation ; what are the advantages and disadvantages of each choice…

I would call it user experience.
If you give someone money for something you like to hear a thank you.
if you don’t hear it, will you buy next time there again?

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Oh yes, maybe it is as simple as that !

I did not think about that this way, I thought it was a technical choice… Hum… I’d like to have a word from Yuzool to be sure, but I guess you’re right !!!

It’s best if you want to get someone’s attention to a post, tag them: @yuzool

steve ; if you’re reading this post now ; I don’t have this error (and I can close the popup cart clicking the X…

But I have this one ; could you translate for me ?

Edit : Hum ! Maybe I should not put any “0” ; just leave empty fields… I’m going to try that.

Edit2 : No ; didn’t make a difference.

Yes teefers, I should do that ; I’ll find out how to do it :wink:

You tag someone by including their username presided by the @ like I did. He’s been tagged.

Yes I saw that ; thank you very much :wink:

If you are still having an issue with this @luzule then please send a link and the Stack values.

The demo pages have no such issue/errors so I think it must be an input issue

Please make sure you have SKU enabled for Stripe

Hello Michael !
I didn’t have a problem ; I just wanted to understand more clearly the explanations about this spécific point in Cart3 documentation. But it works with the specific URLs…

BUT ! As I have your attention (and a new website to build) I have another question, still about Cart3. On the “popup” in the panel, about the “weight” it is said “this is used for the complex shipping calculations”. So I guess that it is possible to handle complex shipping prices with Cart 3 : how do I do that ? With another/external stack ?

Is it possible to have as many settings as in RapidCart for example ? Thanks !

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