1LD Event Stack and Buttons

I have been using 1LD’s Events stack, which I really like, but have run into any issue that I am not sure how to resolve. I’ve set up a training schedule using the Event stack in a Foundry web site and have inserted registration buttons using HTML in some places and using the 1LD Press stack in others. In all cases, the text on the buttons should be white to clearly contrast with the blue button color. All I can achieve, however, is a washed out color that makes it very difficult to read the text. I’ve tried pretty much all the settings, but cannot seem to fix this issue. This goes for both the buttons generated by HTML and the buttons generated buy the Press stack. I’m not sure where the conflict lies, but was hoping to get some expert advice from the folks here on how to fix this.

The web page is here: https://www.groundwaterguy.com/schedule/

Thanks in advance for your help!

span.press-text: {

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Thank you, Scott.

It looks like that does not work. Something is preventing the button text from changing to a legible color. I can’t get the text to change to any color using the stack controls - it just stays the same no matter the setting. I would think that the 1LD Press stack would work with their Event stack, so I am not sure what is going on.

@tballard I’m not sure why you are ussing the Press stack. Have you reached out to 1LD about this issue?

At any rate, I can easily accomplish something like what you want. See figure below. This uses only the Events stack. So I have to assume there is some Events/Press conflict or overrides going on.

Since you are using Foundry then you can simply use this code for a button:

<a href="fullURLhere" class="btn btn-primary">button text</a>

You have 5 different possible colors of the button: primary, info, success, danger, and warning. These can be used as default colors, or you can control the colors via Foundry setup. In the image below I’m using the default “warning” color: red.

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Thank you, Mathew - I will give it a shot. I have not reached out to 1LD since I figured it was something I was doing since these are both their stacks. I appreciate the guidance!

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