Age Verification Using Expose / Foundry

I’m using Foundry for a customer’s site and wanted to add an Age Verification screen using @joeworkman Expose stack. It works great, but every button stack that I have used shifts the button to the right and greys out. I ended up putting it into a Column stack to “center” the button, it corrects the centering issue a bit, but the button remains greyed out.

I started a new project, used a Foundry theme, Expose, paragraph, column and a button stack and the problem persists.

I tried several different button stacks, and they all greyed out, except two, but those two wouldn’t close the Expose stack. Any ideas?

I ended up putting some HTML for a link and it doesn’t look too bad. It greys it out, but still works. Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated. I tried stacks, HTML code, and HTML/CSS button generators, but nothing seems to work correctly once I gave it the class “close”. I’m going with this and crossing my fingers that my client doesn’t want to change the color of the “ENTER” text to anything but grey.

“The customer can have any color they want, so long as it’s black grey.” Henry Ford… :wink:

If you give a url someone can more than likely give you a little css to help you out

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Thanks @swilliam.

This is the amazing Bootstrap framework for ya… this should fix it.

.expose_lightbox .close {
    color: #000;

works perfectly @joeworkman. Thank you. Turned out they loved the grey, because it allowed visitors to focus on the content around it, but I’m happy to now have the answer I was searching for. Now the hover works correctly too.

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