3 columns and vertical border

Hi dear RW users.
I need your help :smile:
I want to create a footer on a site. A 3 columns footer.
So I used 3 responsive 3 column stack by Joe workman, in each column a 1 column stack.
I put a right border on column 1 and 2; the goal is to have 2 vertical dividers in between the columns.
But the I cannot make them have the same height. and I want it to have the full height.
Screenshots of the situation.

So what is wrong and what solution do I have?

Thank you for your help.

I think what you want is a Column Divider on the three column. I don’t use the responsive 3 column stack by Joe workman but it i think here is a link to the documentation on it.
Looks just like his foundation column stacks and it should do what you want.

Thank you for the link, but I can’t find a solution for my prob :smile:
I bought Foundation, but need to learn it before using it.
So I am creating this site with a usual theme;-)


Heigh & Space by http://www.defligra.com
Static Heigh by http://joeworkman.net/rapidweaver/stacks/static-height/
FreeStack R Fixed Heigh by http://blueballdesign.com/rwthemes/freestackresponsive/index.html


Thank you Pepermint :smile:
It works now http://www.ide.demoulin.eu
I DL fixed height from Joe Workman
Merry Christmas everyone :fireworks:

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