Footer Column Multithemes Lode


I want to create a Footer with some columns (in this case 3 or 4), see attachment.

I tried everything, but I didn’t find a solution.

Thanks for your help

Are you using stacks?

Yes, I am using stacks

it’s just 4 columns with a left border added to the content (header and paragraph) of the right three columns. And some padding added to the content too.

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Dear mallow76

thanks for your message. an you send me a short step by step method?

many thanks


add a header and a paragraph to each column (the first column also has some social buttons). In columns 2, 3 and 4 the header and paragraph need a 1px border to the left and colored grey (click on the + in the border section of each to access the detailed border settings). Click on the + button in the padding section and adjust the left and right padding as necessary to provide some space between the content and the borders.

(it would be easiest to set up the heading and paragraph settings for the second column first and then just copy the content into columns 3 and 4.)

Hope that’s clear enough? Also, this will look best if the height of the content in each column is the same/similar (as in your example).

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