404 page does not work if search is domain/xx/yy

I am working with RW 8, Stacks 3 and Foundation on a Mac.

I have a site at http://WengerDesigns.com that has a page called 404page. The page is not listed in navigation by choice. The page has a message from me and a choice of redirects that the user can use.

The page is assigned to the / folder via the Page Inspector.
The page is assigned the Filename 404.php via the Page Inspector.
The line

ErrorDocument 404 /404.php

is placed in the .htaccess file.

This 404 page works great for WengerDesigns.com/xx type errors but fails for WengerDesigns.com/xx/yy errors.

A page is produced for this type of error that shows the sitemap for the domain and includes my message. My redirects in my message do work but the site map is ineffective and the formatting of the page is less than desirable.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I could get uniformity of response?

Thanks for any ideas.

Maybe there’s a reason not to do so, but wouldn’t the following work just fine in the htaccess file?

ErrorDocument 404 https://wengerdesigns.com/404.php

I use this format for all of my sites (and always have), and my 404s all work great.

Brilliant. Thank you very much.

This site is a rich source of experience.

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