4xx setup in SEO Helper

(Daniel Wenger) #1

I am trying to take the direction of Joe Workman and use
the 4xx Error stack in SEO Helper.

Here is the setup that does not seem to be working.

Any ideas as to why I get this error?

The site is at https://WengerDesigns.com

The error is generated by choosing that site followed by /xxx

SEOError3 SEOError4

(Paul Russam) #2

Don’t put it in the root folder (/) put it in its own folder like any other page.
Every RW page has an accompanying folder that contains the css/js etc for that page, if you publish 2 pages to the same folder (root in your case) you’ll get conflicts.

Put it in a folder called 404 or error and change your htaccess to https://wengerdesigns.com/404/404.php or https://wengerdesigns.com/error/404.php

(Daniel Wenger) #3

I did the suggested changes and got the same type of error. I also now have an error when in edit mode in RW for the 404 page.

The page 404page is now in the folder 404. The .htaccess entry

ErrorDocument 404 https://wengerdesigns.com/404/404.php


(Jan Fuellemann) #4

Which version of PHP is the Server using?

(Daniel Wenger) #5

Version 7.0

I have asked for 7.4 but no response yet.

(Daniel Wenger) #6

So, I have been on the phone with NetworkSolutions, my hosting site, and they will not be updating to php 7.4 as it has not even been released, according to Wiki.

If 4xx error stack does need 7.4 then I will have to wait.

Thanks for the help from this forum.