404 redirect to Home Page?

(Nick Woodruffe) #1

Good evening,

I’ve setup a mod rewrite to catch old page requests (301) and push them to the correct named page. That works a treat so I decided to setup a 404 rewrite to push you to the home page if you mistyped the page.

Thinking about it, I like the catchall that this provides but is it good etiquette or should I have a proper 404 page.



(Neil) #2

Yes, you need a 404 page.

It tells the user that they made an error or the page no longer exists. The 404 should then have a link back to the homepage or relevant page.

It’s also necessary for finding error pages on your site. If you miss something, you’ll be able to use a tool to find the 404s on your site, and then correct them.