50% off Foundry, Platform, Source & UIkit3 projects

Happy new year folks!

Over the holidays I’ve been putting together a new resource: Template Repo: A source for fantastic projects for all the popular frameworks for Rapdiweaver.

Frameworks covered so far include UIkit3, Foundry, Platform & Source. And for the next week, I’m knocking 50% off ALL projects as a launch special.

Visit the new site here: https://www.templaterepo.com/

No need for any vouchers or minimum spends, all prices are reduced. Just add to your basket and checkout using a card via Stripe.

As it’s a new site, if anyone finds any teething issues, let me know in email or post a message here.



Hi folks, just as an update, the sale will be ending this Friday.

I’m just putting some finishing touches to some new projects, the first of which is called Kitchen, which is built for Foundry: https://www.templaterepo.com/demos/kitchen/

Kitchen is styled around a kitchen showroom, but really that’s just to give me a focus, it can be really easily adapted to any purpose, just change the images!

The aim for Kitchen has been layouts that are different from the norm, clever navigation and the use of very subtle gradients. The layouts change a lot based on the screen width while retaining the same general design. I wanted to come up with something that keeps the user’s attention without resorting to animations. I think I’ve achieved that.

Kitchen uses Foundry and Potion Pack, plus the Blueprint suite of stacks (free) from Big White Duck, used to get the finite control over content layout and placement.

I’m expecting this project to go live over the weekend, so keep an eye on the new Template Repo site.

And of course, if you want to score a deal on any of the existing projects, buy them by Friday at 50% off.


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