We're Hiring: Remote Web Designer

We’re looking for experienced RapidWeaver Foundry user(s) to help design websites for us.

The position is remote, and project based. We build mostly with Foundry and the RW user must have Foundry and Potion Pack installed. We will purchase any other stacks that are required for the project(s). We’re open to other RW platforms, but 80% of our projects are in Foundry.

A little about us; we are based in Lodi, CA, (US) and started designing websites in 2012. January of 2015 I quit my full time job and pursued my own business. I had a decent “first” year, then doubled in 2016 and doubled again in 2017. Our projects are 100% by referral and we have business up and down the West Coast from Alaska to Orange County; working with a couple of large International companies and a handful of local small businesses.

Email eric@oneelevenwebdesign.com if you’re interested.

Eric Vaughn


Very encouraging, Eric.

I have all I can handle at the moment. I’m a web designer for a very large integrated healthcare company with locations from Mississippi to Maryland, and have a few clients on the side. I know of a few other developers who primarily (only?) use RW who are also very busy. It warms my heart to know that some independent devs are doing so well!

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I hope that by “supply”, you mean purchase. I am pretty sure that most stacks are licensed per user. That is how all of my products are licensed (with the exception of Total CMS). So if you have multiple web designers using stacks to design sites for you, either they need to have purchased the stack, or you need to purchase it for them.

Good luck on your venture. I am glad that things are growing for you!


Yes @joeworkman, we plan on purchasing stacks per user. I often purchase multiple stacks from many developers including you :wink: when they get me out of jam and provide stellar customer service. I’m pretty sure I have purchased the DooBox catalog at least twice, continue to subscribe to Yuzool’s Forms although I switched to another service outside of RW and have almost every one of your stacks (some of which I’ve never even opened), but purchased to support the developers (you included) that have allowed me to go into business for myself. :smile: It is but a small price to pay for saving me the time of writing html.

I have not only defended pricing from stack developers in the forums when someone complains about the price of a stack, but have encouraged developers to raise their prices.


i’d be glad to be of service! if you’re interested i shall give you decent number of rw-designed websites. i’ve been with rw ever since version 3 but i am also pretty currant in wordpress. i do most of my web design with foundation.
looking forward to hearing from you, yours truly,

Great. I just felt it was my duty to point that out. Not just for you but others that review this thread later on. Rock on! :sunglasses:

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I get it. :smile: I personally would like to see stacks priced at a min. of $10 so we can continue to get great products from you guys. I’ve seen too many devs. stop doing this because it wasn’t worth the time.

A little cart coding this morning :

	var $price = $_POST["price"];
	if (strpos($_POST["mail"], 'dropgates') !== false) {
	    if ($price < 10.0) {
		    $price = 10.0;

Just kidding :slight_smile:


You mention that you’re using a service outside of RW for forms. If you haven’t looked at MachForm, I highly recommend it. I’ve been using it for years, and now have them in well over fifty sites. I use their self-hosted, unlimited version ($249, one time charge) which means each installation is now under $5 (and getting cheaper with every new install).

It has some great features like logic (click on Preferred Location on this page to see what I mean), and depending upon which location is selected, a different person (s) will receive the form on our end (plus, of course, the submitter can also receive a beautifully formatted receipt). There is absolutely zero messing with MySQL once the forms are in place. Add a field? MachForm takes care of adding the field in the database for you. And, you can give clients access to an admin panel so they add/delete questions without your assistance. I love, love, love MachForm (and no, I have nothing to do with the company - I’m just a very satisfied customer).


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