A Beginner's Question-Coming over from Adobe Muse


There are so many options in web development for the mac. If you are only looking to build one site Rapidweaver can get very expensive fast. Rapidweaver is a great tool by itself for building a site. If you are trying to replicate an existing site you could spend hundreds of dollars quickly buying all sorts of addons.

Rapidweaver was my choice… What you describe you wish to accomplish, Rapidweaver may not be yours.

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Thank you John,

It’s not just one site, but I am trying to replicate a site I created in Muse- simple layout, but many pages. I see what you mean about costly add-ons and the stacks package seemed attractive, so I purchased that. I may also add Foundation for starting from scratch, but when we consider the monthly expense I paid for Muse, it isn’t out of line.
I have yet to actually sit down and play, but I’ve watched several of the tutorials and think I’ve got a handle on it.

One thing I haven’t yet figured out is whether I can create a master page to build on or whether I have to assemble a series of partials every new page…?
This isn’t a how do I…? It’s more: Is it possible to create a single master page?
and is there a specific forum group I should direct this question to?

Thanks everyone for all the help and info!

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if by Master Page, you are referring to the styling across all pages. The foundation site styles stack will take care of that (put it in a partial and add it to all of your pages.) Changing the partial will then change every page. Same goes for your navigation (in Foundation you will more than likely use the TopBar stack for nav.)

If it’s something else, ask away, that’s why were here;-)

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There are many ways to skin a cat :cat2:, as they say…

Stacks 3 introduced Partials, which are re-usable combinations/settings of stacks. Stacks 4 takes this a step further with Externals, which are Partials that can be shared across projects.

Very cool, and your choice of stacks/frameworks is not limited :wink:

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Very intriguing. It sounds like Externals will be the answer to my issue.

I see Stacks 4 is still in Beta. Foolish for a lowly beginner to get involved in a Beta test.

I assume The people at Stacks will send out an email blast when 4 becomes available.


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swilliam, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Thank you very much!



Welcome to Rapidweaver! I think you will be very happy once you get going. For what Adobe costs it was a shameful move killing Muse. You will be safe in the Rapidweaver environment. There are so many good devs in Rapidweaver itself as well as 3rd party devs.

As it pertains to customer service with technical issues, patience is a virtue. I recommend checking this forum first. If you do contact a dev directly give them time to respond… they will. Many are small and wear all hats in developing and servicing their products. If you to want precheck a particular dev do a search in this forum.

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thank you. I will do so.

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And now for something completely not new (I suspect):
a newbie (almost stupid) question that I can’t seem to figure out or find in forums.

I’ve figured it out…

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