A Beginner's Question-Coming over from Adobe Muse

This is a simple starter question: I’m not a coder, and I am coming over from Adobe Muse. I am using RW8 on a MacBook pro. I have not yet added Stacks or anything similar. I was fully comfortable working with Muse, but Adobe dropped it.
At first glance, looking at the initial tutorial, it appears that I have to use a theme. I don’t appear to be able to create a site from scratch. Is that the case?
I also see there are 5 included themes to select from. Are they customizable to the point that I could get down to barebones? and I assume there are others out in the ether?
I know this’ll lead to dozens more questions which I may be able to figure out as I play, but this seems a good starting point.
What I didn’t say above is that my initial goal is to replicate a very basic site that I created in Muse.
Thanks in advance for any help. Even if you just point me in the direction of an appropriate tutorial that’d be a help.

It sounds like you are looking for a blank theme or framework. I prefer foundation from weavers.space but there are others (all will require the Stacks plugin from Yourhead software.)

Good advice swilliam

I came over from Muse recently myself (about a month ago). If you get Stacks then you can start from a blank page. You can pick a framework you like, there are a few so try to watch a few tutorials to see what you like. I started with Foundry, which is excellent, but in the end wanted more granular control so ended up with UIKit. I’ve not looked back! I love Stacks and the way it works. It’s light years better than Muse and you’d be hard-pressed to find anything you can’t do with it.
Be warned, you can end up buying a lot of stacks, there are some really nice ones out there… I’ve racked up about £300 worth so far, but then I am a bit of a shopaholic.
You can certainly get tons done with just one framework and stacks. Depends on how deep you want to go…


p.s. I’m not even a web designer… I’m a 3d animator/illustrator and I spend lots of time with super high-end software and to be honest, I’m having more fun in Rapidweaver than I’ve had in years with all my 3d stuff!
The only thing it can’t do is render nice spaceships!

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Thanks. I’ll go look there and at stacks (which is now stacks 3 I guess)

Thank you very much! That gives me a kick-off point.

Soon to be Stacks 4… Exciting times!

Just FYI, there are 4 5 different frameworks available.
UI Kit

You could also just download a free blank theme and purchase individual stacks as you need them. Big White Duck has a lot of free (but donations appreciated) stacks, Stacks 4 Stacks has free trials / demos for most if not all of his stacks.

I do think the frameworks are a good value considering all that you get, but starting out can get pricey (get RW, then get Stacks, then get a Framework, then an add-on pack, maybe change your mind as Roger did, etc)

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Indeed it can. One of the drivers for a little something that I’ve been working on.

Stripped will be available soon but if you do buy Stacks @marcmandy then let me know and I can set you up with early access. Just PM me.


Nice! Looking forward to seeing it

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Also, RWSkinz a framework from @willwood



Not a framework…just a theme

RWSkinz is a framework, the most popular web framework out there called bootstrap 4.


I have a few themes based on backstrap I didn’t realize that made it a framework.

As the name suggests, I’m biased, but the UiKit3 framework for Rapidweaver is in my opinion the only one you can build entire modern websites with, including all the effects and elements modern websites have, without the need for a single third party stack.

Rapidweaver, with Stacks and UiKit3 for Rapidweaver means you don’t have to spend a penny more, unless you want too.

I don’t make Uikit3, it’s made by @Lucas, but I do (or soon will) sell projects made with it.

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Just to chime in here…

My Platform framework is on sale until tomorrow. Just head over and have a look:

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My stack Slydog Editor is an easy to use framework that will allow you to recreate your website easily, it also comes with a free blank theme. We have a demo so you can try it for free and it’s also on sale for July :slight_smile:


I personally like the fact that all these stacks and add-ons are kind of expensive.
This means that the developers are making money so they will not orphan us like Adobe Muse did.

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I originally was thinking that they seem expensive, but I like your point about not being as likely to be orphaned. I’m hoping that I will be able to rely on RealMac as well. Now I have to figure out how to use it…

I thank everyone above for all of the input.

To start with I got the Stack Bundle (I’m especially intrigued by blocks). Now I have to figure out how to use it all and then which add on framework to buy…

Thank you again one and all!
I’ll keep paying attention to this thread.

Always a good thread: