I‘m new and have some questions

Hi everyone,
I‘m super new to RW or more akkurat I haven’t bought it yet. I just wanted do ask some questions bevor I get down the rabbit hole😅. I already know that RW is heavily oriented around Stacks. I also saw that two of the biggest stacks collections / Addons (Not sure how to call them) you can buy are Foundry and Foundation. I noticed that Foundry’s latest version was published in Nov. 2018. Foundation had it’s last update in Apr. 2017. So my question is if both of them are still under development or are thy abandoned by the developer. I saw as well that you guys were discussing a lot about wich of them is better and what is the one to go with. Most of these posts were from 2016 and 2017. So my question is what do you guys think now about both stacks / plugins?

I’m still not a hundred percent sure how stacks work that’s why I asked my self if I can combine tools from Foundry and Foundation for example into one website? Or do they only work separate from each other? If so are there stacks who only work with Foundry or Foundation or das everything work with everything because they are all stacks?
Are there any other stacks you would recommend as a must have?

I saw as well that most of the stacks you can buy are meant to make Websites without coding. But what is if I want to hand Code a Website or a part and mix it with stacks. Can I do this directly in RW or do I need to export the Website into a Text editor like Atome to do this?

:sweat_smile:That’s a lot but as fare as I can tell, you look like you are a super awesome and active community with a lot of passion for the software and I’m really looking forward to become a part of this community.

Foundation had an update as recently as this week. I think foundry is constantly updated as well.

Foundation is a theme but also has a set of stacks that are designed to work with it (same for foundry) they can also both take advantage of hundreds of other stand alone stacks out there.

There is actually a stack that comes with the Stacks plugin for html. And you can actually put html in most text stacks.

I have both foundry and foundation but I use foundation for 100% of the sites I build, not saying that foundry is not as good but foundation just “clicked” for me early in and I have stuck with it.

Thanks a lot @swilliam . Do I get it right that the Version which is shown under the What’s new Tap in the shop don’t represent the latest Update version of the Software?

The latest foundation stacks are 1.8.6 I believe. I’m not sure what the latest theme version no. Is, I’m not at my computer right now to look.

You might ask on the goundation space over on https://community.weavers.space

Edit: I can tell you that it is updated frequently and version 2. Is in the works

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Scott is right: 1.8.6

The release notes are here:

Foundry is also activity developed as well.

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Good morning @JoelS!

Welcome to the RapidWeaver Community!

As the Foundry developer I can definitely assure you that Foundry is actively being developed. I just released a major update for Alloy yesterday (a blogging addon for Foundry), and have updates in the pipeline for Foundry and Potion Pack. I also have some greater, long term plans for Foundry, as well.

I can also assure you that @joeworkman is still developing on Foundation as well, and also has long term plans for future Foundation updates.

So whichever direction you choose, whether it be Foundry or Foundation, you’ll be well covered.


Thanks for the Help @Elixir . I’m super happy that both of them are still in development and Updated regularly.
Like I said in my initial post I’m not sure how stacks work. Would it be possible to use both Foundry and Foundation on one Website for example or do I need to choose between one of the because they are related to a specific Them?

Mixing them on the same page is not an option. That would cause you headaches. Using them on the same site is a possibility, but you’d only be able to use one of the two per page. In addition you’re going to cause yourself some headaches along the way I think, IMO.

Personally I’d do some research into the two, see which fits your workflow the best. Maybe watch through tutorial videos and such and then choose one of the two. In addition to saving you headaches, this method will save you money, too.


Awesome Thanks a lot for your Help @Elixir. I will go on and look closer at both of them :+1:

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I guess I need to spend more time updating the RW community site. If only I had time to figure out how to clone myself! :slight_smile:


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