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Saw a segment on Varney on Fox News regarding law suits for ADA compliance on web sites. The main issue is “access”, herein defined as use-ability, for the blind and deaf. Just because one can get to it doesn’t mean they can use it effectively.

For the blind, claim is sites constructed such that text readers don’t work are not compliant.

For the deaf, claim is “movies” that do not have textual sub-titles are not compliant.

Does RapidWeaver have a method to cover this?

Interesting topic. Can not this be handled from the side where the video is embedded into the page, e.g. Vimeo or YouTube? I am relatively new but that’s what came to mind.

It seems to me that only a handful of individuals care about this problem. No webpage creation software company (to my knowledge) bothers themselves with needs of disabled people and that’s a shame…

I did some research on this not too long ago including doing a survey of sight impaired subscribers to our mail list. Results were interesting.

I think the responsibility largely lies with the individual who creates the website. Simple things like proper meta tags and photo alt tags go a long way in helping.

Obviously, things like movie subtitles are the responsibility of the video/movie creator and not the website creator, though at times, they may be the same person.

Here’s a good resource for those who may be interrested:

So far I agree with all the responses, what I am wondering is how well the software text readers do with Rapid Weaver.

I agree that movies would need subtitles, but if a site is text only with only a few pictures with caption below, how well will that work for diabled persons?

Maybe only a hand full a people care about it, but the ambulance chasers are finding this to be a profitable way to get money and intimidate people.

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There are a few online tools that will scan your website and suggest changes for screen readers and other assistance software to make your site more accessible like

Not sure about stock RW pages but I’ve been using the Structure stack in Joe Workman’s Foundation framework to try and better describe the various parts of my site.

Also think that Will Woodgate’s themes at Theme Flood have full Aria rôle descriptions, however the content you add to it would have to be appropriately marked as well.

Thanks, that will help a lot.

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