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a client has asked for a new website, this should be accessible for the blind. Either the webpage itself or a new website with just the most important info for the blind.

Important: this site does NOT have be certified by any third part, just being able to be used by screen readers.

I need some advice on how to set this up - I am using Foundry - and of course I am willing to pay for this consultation.

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All websites should be accessible.

Accessibility (A11Y) is going to be for the 2020’s what Responsive was for the 2010’s. Lots of lawsuits happening here in the USA, mostly large-cap(deep pockets) companies being sued.

Do they have a current site? Have you done any A11Y testing on your own on it?

First test would be to try and navigate without a mouse, keyboard only.

Next thing I’d do, is try it out with Chrome Vox extension. It’s a “screen reader” extension. Then try out the site with it and no mouse.

I know you said that you’re not interested in being certified, not sure who does that, but the WCAG guidelines are a great reference. There’s a great extension for any chrome based browser called Accessibility Insights.

It’s a bit tricky to use as it launches a second browser window, but you should start using it on every web site you work on.

Here’s a post I did before on using it with links.

Some of the A11Y stuff will be outside your control as a RapidWeaver user. It will be on the developers to fix something’s. If you find something that’s not compliant, let them know.


Thank you, the vox extensions is really good. I tested my site and I see it needs some additional work…

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