Adding content to footer in Flood theme

Does anyone know how i can put content in the footer using the new Flood theme??? Thank you…

I don’t know that specific theme, but @willwood from usually puts “show EC containers” in the preferences. That will show you where you can add EC content.

This post may help. There have been other posts on adding content to the footer, so a search of the forum might provide additional help.

Hello @chickmtber,

there are several stacks which are able to “beam” content inside the footer section.

  • Houdini (by Joe Workman | $4.95)

  • Teleporter (by Doobox | £5.99)

  • Anywhere (by Stellar Stacks | $4.95 | currently not available)

Well, this of course only works when the Stacks Plugin is used. Otherwise you have to put custom html code inside the footer, just as described in the post linked by @thang.

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Might be easier to help if you could tell us what kind of content you want to put in the footer - and if it ‘has’ to go there. I know Flood has a full width extra content container above the footer area. Maybe there’s a way to turn the footer off and use that?

Depends on how much content you want to add.


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Thank you, been in touch with him already!!

Hi Rob,
Thanks, I just wanted to add facebook, instagram and some sponsor logo links… I have already figured out a way now, but thank you for getting back to me!

Thank you, I will look into this, if my way doesn’t work!