How do I generate an extensive custom footer?

Hello, I have RapidWeaver 6.3.4, Stacks 3 and a few 3rd party stacks.

I’m trying to make an extensive footer that contains some links, including social media links in a grid like I see on many modern web pages but I’m struggling to understand how to implement it. As far as I can see, everything has to go into the “Footer:” box in site setup. I’m sure there’s a simple answer but how can I construct what I need in that one box?

Is there a stack I should buy? If so, how do I use a stack inside that “Footer:” box?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @golfmad. I like your name because that is how I feel every time I’m on a golf course.

It depends on your theme. Some themes have what is referred to as Extra Content, and often they have an extra content that is in the footer region. If so, you can use one of the free extra content stacks and stick whatever you’d like in there.

If not, another very easy way is to use one of the stacks that allows you to move content into the footer region. A couple come to mind. I know Joe Workman has one called Houdini that can put things in the footer, and I think Doobox has one called Teleporter that does something similar and could probably work. I imagine there are probably others.

Hello Bioguy, it can be an infuriating game, that’s for sure!.

Thanks for the information, that’s very helpful. I’m currently using the new Tesla theme. Is there an easy way to tell which themes provide for extra content?

The developers will usually list whether a theme has EC areas or not. The pro version of the Tesla theme does have EC areas, but neither of them are in the footer of the theme. So, the easiest way would probably to get one of those stacks (e.g. Houdini) that allows you to target to the footer.

This way you can build a collection of stacks to make a footer however you’d like. Then just turn that collection into a Partial and drag it into each page you’d like it to appear in.

I don’t know whether the Tesla theme includd with RW6 has Extra COntent or not, I’m sure the Pro version sold by will though.

Alternatively, there’s Bigfoot - a suite of stacks designed specifically to create the kind of large footer you’re talking about.

Some examples are here -

Thanks. I bought the bigfoot suite yesterday so I have that and will look at it further.

It seems that there are two general approaches; generate stuff that actually gets put into the RW footer (i.e. using Houdini or perhaps teleporter) or as you both seem to suggest, build a collection that’s easy to put on every page (perhaps using Bigfoot). Is that about right?

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Ok I implemented it so thanks again to both of you for the pointers. In the end I purchased the Navigator theme from Elixir and I’m using a set of stacks as a ‘partial’ and then reusing that in Extract Content area #5 with a different background.

That sounds right. Was going to suggest partials feature but for various reasons I haven’t upgraded to S3 yet. Oh, life in the stone age…

Bigfoot is a beauty, good choice @golfmad :slight_smile:

I can understand how you’d use Partials to put the footer on each standard page, but how would you use Partials to get a Partials on a standard Rapidweaver blog page?

If you’re using Bigfoot Responsive then you would probably need to use a utility stack like Doobox’s Teleporter, Stellar’s Anywhere, or Joe Workman’s Houdini, to import a stacks page (containing the Partials) into the relevant EC area.

EDIT — Actually, you need one of the aforementioned stacks and Pluskit to achieve this. Essentially you create a stacks page, on which you enclose your Bigfoot in the Extra Content (EC) stack configured to the relevant EC area, and then you enclose that in one of the above stacks. You then use Pluskit’s @import function to import the page into your Blog or Contact page.


Is Bigfoot still available? None of the links in this thread lead to those stacks.


Here is where Bigfoot is now

@Marten_Claridge you will want to do a redirect for those old links! :wink:

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Thanks for the heads-up, Rob, will do.


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Glad to see you and RW Central back up and running!!

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