Adding Facebook event code AFTER < / head > tag

Dear All,

I love Rapidweaver for making clean, professional websites. However, my brain starts melting when marketing agencies give me codes to add in very specific areas. Can anyone help please?

I’ve managed to insert the main Facebook Pixel code in the head area site wide, but having problems with the event code. His exact words:

"I can confirm that of today the main Facebook pixel is firing site wide, which is great. However the single event code which is just for the Thank-you page is not.

Please try this code below the closing tag < / head > :

fbq('track', 'CompleteRegistration');

Please can anyone advise - I’m fine with inserting code in inspector/HTML/header, but don’t know how to position it so specifically AFTER the closing < / head > tag.

Site is published at :
Page the specific event code needs to be at:

Thanks for any suggestions.

Best, Heather

Try to put it into the body code area.


Dear Jannis,

Thank you, you marvellous person!

I know that, to someone that works with code, that was probably a really stupid question, but to me, your answer was pure gold! My actual job is serviced apartments, and sometimes I find it quite remarkable that people can’t operate a simple key lock box to open the front door. They, in turn, are very clever creative people that design lighting systems for the theatre, who probably find it quite remarkable that people can’t… You get my drift! Sometimes you’re the Jannis, sometimes you need the Jannis!

Thanks again! Heather