Header tags and body tages

Hello all,

Absent for quite a while from Rapidweaver.

I have a client that needs some kind of promotional/marketing thing adding to his site.

There is some code that needs adding to the header tags
and also some before the body tag.

My probably rather simplistic question is, how do I do this in Rapidweaver? I think the version I am using is 5 or 6?

Can anyone help?


you can do it in the page level or site level code areas

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Where do I find that panel please

You can find them there:


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Thank you for that. I’m using version 5.3.2 and I can only find the part for headers.
I can’t find anything relating to body tags.
Would I put the code for header tags and body tags on the same pane? The only one I can see is the page level one?

It’s been a very long time since V 5.x but is there a spanner wrench icon on the upper left of the RW screen?

If so click that tab to get to the site-wide code area.

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