Adjust elements, texts images manually when you click the eye thing to view the website

I was wondering if y’all could add a new feature that allows you to edit and adjust where you put text, images, buttons, etc when you click the eye icon that lets you view what the website looks like after editing

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 5.36.46 PM|146x94

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One of the great things about Joe Workman’s Foundation theme and stacks when they came out was how similar it made the edit page look to the real site.
So I can understand how being able to see how the website is going to look as you edit it can be useful.
But the preview pane is exactly that, for previewing not editing.

Previewing can frustratingly slow to load on my Mac for some reason. So what I often do is preview the page I’m working on in a browser. Then if I want to quickly see what it looks like when live, I CMD+TAB straight to it and CMD+R to refresh the browser page and in seconds I can see what it looks like.
The times I’ve accidentally hit CMD+Q and closed the browser down though. Urgh!!



That is called WYSIWYG
Try WIX!!

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Shortcut… just use CMD+P it will preview in the browser. If a preview exists, it will just activate Safari and refresh the existing preview.

The simulator can also do live refreshes while building the site.

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I will, thank you!

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