Previewing my site

What’s good yall?
A… how come whenever I try to preview my site by clicking on the “eye” symbol, if don’t show me nothing?

Hard to say without more information:

  • What version of RW are you runing?
  • What version of macOS ?
  • What type of page are you using (stacks, styled text, etc)?
  • Whats on the page?

Have you tried opening up a new project with a single page and only something simple like text on the page?

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Oh! I’m using RapidWeaver 8, the Mac 2019 core i5 6 core (8th generation)

Version 8.9.1 or something else?

? Example Catalina 10.15.7



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I know you won’t answer the questions asked. You’re the person with the problem. I can preview all my pages fine.

There are thousands of RW users not having the issue you are.

The straight answer is no one can help you without more information.

Do you not know how to tell what version of RW you are running? Do you not know how to tell which macOS you are using? Can you not tell what type of page you are using? Can you not tell us what is on the page?

Pretty simple questions.


Dumping on the one person attempting to help you, on a Sunday, isn’t a very good way to ingratiate yourself or encourage others to go out of their way to help you. You might rethink your approach, because @teefers is one of the most helpful people on this message board and is beyond generous with his time and knowledge. But as he points out, he can’t assist you without more information. And frankly, with the attitude you’ve presented thus far, I’d be surprised if anyone is going to trip over themselves to help you out.


I’d close this thread the poster is clearly a troll looking to waste peoples time.

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Thread is closed .