AI integration in RW Elements

Thank you for the kind comment, Bruno.

AI development is only going to get faster and faster. AI will assist in building more and better AI. I don’t want to get off into a “is that good or bad” discussion. I can just see it happening.

As I previously posted, I hope that Apple really steps up and gives developers like Realmac the tools and foundation to build great local applications. In a world where privacy seems to have been sacrificed to the alter of ease and convenience (SaaS), I hope Apple can ignore that siren call.

Rather than more cloud services from Apple (beyond some basic iCloud services like syncing and even that is suspect), I would rather Apple had continued the evolution of more hardware powered by local software. For example, an Apple Home Server. With AI, one or more Home Servers could have been used to power household and small business AI privately and securely.

But enough of that. Realmac has a great opportunity here. There are too many possibilities for one post so I keep most of them on my computer and not shared. And most depend on what Apple does with giving developers the tools they need.

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So…what are your thoughts now? Apple Intelligence and App Intents.

Hopefully, Xcode will be available soon enough for the Realmac team to use its full AI code completion goodness and update Swift to enable RM to quickly implement all of the GenAI goodness.

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Skeptical is the word that comes naturally to me. Obviously the fact that I am French and that this AI requires an iPhone in English has nothing to do with it :yawning_face: Late comes second (it’s pretty normal right? :crazy_face:) To summarize, I think that for the moment Apple is trying to make up for its start-up delay and is doing a mix to catch up. I don’t know if Chatgpt + Firefly + Premiere + whateverelsebutnotGClooney will give a good recipe :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. But I can’t wait to find out. :yum:

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Cross-post from Apple Intelligence

The Keynote yesterday was probably one of the more interesting ones I’ve seen in recent years. I like Apple’s approach to AI. As usual they are a bit late to the party, but when they do show up they do it with style, substance, and polish. :dancer::man_dancing:

IMHO the most useful Apple Intelligence features for RapidWeaver would be Writing Tools and Image Generation.

While I wouldn’t personally want to talk to Siri to build a website, I can imagine it would be an incredible accessibility feature for people who are paralyzed or have other motor function disabilities that prevent them from using a mouse or keyboard.

Looking forward to seeing how Apple Intelligence progresses.

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Have you guys looked at what Figment does with GenAI? I’m with you, Dan, on actually speaking to build out a website (after all, we’ve all heard you speak on the videos! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), but I can see use cases for that, too.

However, the amount of automation that Figment does to build out a very full wireframe/sitemap complete with suggested content is very, very appealing.

The questions many designers might ask is where do they fit in there? In my opinion–since we really don’t know Apple Intelligence capabilities yet–is in training the AI to your particular styles and restrictions. For example, never to suggest a super footer in new websites drafts. Or, you only use big bold colors and modern art style designs with a lot of animation. Or you typically prefer to focus on building out one-page websites, or side scrollers. And all of these things can be adjusted just by providing an area akin to ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions feature.

Well…here is to hoping that Xcode’s new GenAI features make it easier and faster for your guys to deliver code whatever path it follows.

You haven’t heard me speak on the videos, I have a mundane American accent. @dan Dan C.'s got that posh refined English accent lol, better for fancy YouTube videos. :tea: :joy:

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Dan C. Dan G. It’s like Globals and Elements but even less clear :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Ok ok I’m leaving again :grin:


Sorry! All of your keyboards all look alike! :laughing:

Meanwhile, Siri can access EVERY piece of data on your device: