We want you RapidWeaver Element questions for tomorrow’s video!

Hello again,

I’m just getting things ready for tomorrow’s dev diary (Tuesday March 26th) and wondered if you had any questions about RapidWeaver Elements or want me to demo something specific?

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to cover it in tomorrow’s video!


What I would like to know more about is the publishing process. You have shown some months ago how fast it will be. But are there also other changes planned?

Rapidweaver currently currently publishes everything on the server. But when I change a page e.g. from „abc“ to „xyz“ it publishes from then on xyz but abc stay still on the server. It never deletes old stuff. What leads after a while to some trash on the server. Also with the current Rapidweaver you can have more than one index file. A html and a php. Rapidweaver warns you about that fact but who reads warnings :smiling_face:

And maybe you can say something on the planned Beta process. You said in one of your last videos you have a special date in mind for a first Beta. So maybe you can define who will get this first Beta and how we then go further in the development process. Will there be then continuous Betas till the final release?

By the way, is the special date you have in mind the 4th of June? That’s to my knowledge when RapidWeaver 1.0b1 was released 2004 :slight_smile:

You mentioned the challenges of building a simple but effective UI. Has any progress been made on semantic HTML, using the correct HTML elements for their intended purpose as much as possible? Obviously avoiding the mess of random or improper use of div, section, asides, etc.

@Flash Sorry, have already recorded this weeks video so missed out on answering your question!

We have no updates on the semantic html, but reset assured it’s on our radar.

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This weeks dev diary video is now live, go watch it now to find out the answers to @WeaverPixel’s questions!

Not sure if I can already ask questions for next weeks’ vid as there’s no topic for it yet, but here goes @dan!

You’ve shown that Elements stores images once, while you can still use them on other pages throughout the site. Is the same true for other files? For instance, are JS- and CSS files only stored once as well, or still on a per-page basis like in RapidWeaver Classic?

Also, can you show a bit of the way code insertion works in Elements? So, where one would enter code that goes in the head or body, and where CSS is entered? Can you still add custom code project wide and per-page? Is there a way to manually enter HTML code somewhere within the page (like you would using an HTML stack in Classic+Stacks)?



Will get this answered in next weeks video (April 2nd 2024) :wink:

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Just watched this weeks’ video @dan. Thanks for the answers!

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You’re welcome!

For those of you that have not watched it, hop on over to the thread below :point_down: