All projects corrupted

All my RW projects (6) in RW7 seems to be corrupted ! When I open them I get an error message that the project them is missing (although it is installed), but when I get the info pane of the project, they all seems to be 0 bytes !

No idea how this happened. Hope I can recover them.

Thank God I have ! I found the good files on my time capsule.

Think something went wrong when migrating everything to dropbox so I could work on them on different places…

I’ve found you need to zip your project files before uploading to Dropbox. It does something weird - corrupt maybe - to the RW files if you don’t.

Not true. I have over 1000 RW projects in this one folder alone (all done for testing of things, and only a few of them are zipped) and none of them have ever been corrupted.

I should mention I share this dropbox folder between 5 computers and have open most of these projects on one of the 5 at one time or another.

Not true for you, maybe. I share my files with @willwood and other developers and if I don’t zip it, he can never open it… it ends up corrupted. But I haven’t not zipped for over two years, so I don’t know if this has changed.

That is something different entirely, YES if you share a file with someone that is not in your folder, you should zip it. I have gotten many corrupted files in dropbox from others that were not zipped, but this is not what the OP was talking about. He is storing his files on his dropbox folder, which should work unzipped without issue.

Read this discussion, and if you follow the rules I posted there, you should never have issues.

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gotcha. So when Will is inside my folder, I can share my file? Sorry, Grammar was funny :slight_smile:

Yes, I worded that wrong. Computers that are on your network, that share the same Dropbox folder should be OK. If you are sending a file to someone over the internet, then you should zip the file.