Project will not open

I have one project that will not open. Says the theme (null) is missing. When I try to apply the default Offroad theme, nothing happens, no error message no project displayed.

All other projects seem to open fine. Even projects that use the same theme!

Any suggestions?

Can you open the package of the project file (context menĂĽ)? Do you find a document called content.plist?

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It might be that your project has become corrupt, this can happen if you store your projects on cloud drives, such as Dropbox, or iCloud…


You might be able to fix that with right click on the file -> Show Package Content.

Inside that file, there might be an additional RW project file, which is the real one. Copy that to the Desktop and see if it is able to be opened.

Happens most of the time for me with RW projects, zipped as archived, stored in iCloud documents.


Yes, I looked at that to confirm what the theme was and that it was installed.

I looked but didn’t find the additional project file.

Thanks for all the suggestions… I was able to recover a good version of the file from my Time Machine backup, but I would like to know what was corrupted, and how it happened. @dan was correct, I am relying on Dropbox for working on my files in three different locations.

A file can easily be corrupted if it is kept on Dropbox and you open it on a computer before the file is synced with all of the computers you use it on. Realmac will tell you not to keep project files on Dropbox without first compressing it, but if you follow these rules EXACTLY you should not have any issue:

The big thing to remember is when working on a laptop computer, that you be sure Dropobx has synced completely, I have actually had another corruption since I made that post and that was because I opened my laptop and just assumed it was synced, and it was not, killing the project file when I opened it.


Couldn’t Realmac add a preventive measure code or a file lock in RW to protect the project files in cloud to keep it from opening or saving to a file that is not completely sync’ed or locked by another RW.

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It is not one file. A RW project is a folder (aka package) with a bunch of files, which just looks like one file.

They would have to change the file format in a way that the project is an zipped archive to prevent that.


They could use the backup feature for storing the project file into the cloud. It generates a zip-file


Gosh there are some smart people here… I am humbled by all the comments!


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