Amazon AWS Server/S3 hosting - can't find CSS


I have a site created with the Bravo theme, stacks and joe workman’s youtube stacks.

I’m exporting a full copy of the site and it looks fine when I view the local copy using a web browser.

But when our IT person uploads it to our Amazon AWS/S3 hosted site, the result is an unformatted web page, as though the CSS files cannot be found or read. We tried a few options for the exporting, including DOCROOT and RelativeToWebsite for exporting, these experiments did not address the problem.

I have done a good bit of Google searching on this, and found a few leads, but none that have so far lead to a solution.

Suggestions appreciated!

Without a url to the site, it’s difficult for folks to try and help you. Did you check the browsers console for errors?

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Thanks for your reply. The site is Our folks are experimenting with the contents right now, which I why I didn’t post a link initially. Right now, the contents of that URL might be a mix of new exported files but the previous version of the site’s RW_common folder.

The problem was resolved. It turned out that a file permission problem was introduced when my exported RapidWeaver files were uploaded to the AWS server. My original files were readable and executable by user, group and world, but during the upload they got changed to user read/execute-only, no permission for group or world/other. This appears to be what made the CSS formatting instructions unavailable and broke the appearance of the site.

Thanks for reading and thanks Doug for your response.

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