Amazon Logos Broken Image Link

Does anyone have any trouble with Amazon affiliate links showing a broken image link for the Amazon logo and Prime logos?

I’m still in the process of building a page and trying things out but they keep giving me broken image links for the logos. Please check it out here if you want to see what I’m talking about.

Can’t see any broken links. Can you specify where on the page they are?


Unless my browser is being crazy, but I’ve looked on my iOS device and it’s doing the same thing, it’s in the areas where the Amazon logo would be along top and the bottom right of the link. Here’s a screen grab on what I’m seeing in Firefox. I’m seeing the broken image links in those spots.


Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like in Rapidweaver during build, which is what I’m used to seeing online too. It just doesn’t appear the same once published to file manager.


Is what the screenshots are on this page:

I don’t see anything that looks like that.

You do have some mix content errors and Javascript errors on the page:

The https page is trying to load Google fonts from http urls. That’s the problem indicated by the error messages. You should self-host the fonts and make sure they’re referenced at their https urls. However, that has nothing to do with the Amazon logo, as far as I can see.

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You don’t need to self-host fonts unless you’re in a GDPR Country. You should change them to https though. Google’s CDN works with https, in fact I’m not sure where the http came from. It must be several years old. It’s almost always better to use a CDN for stuff like that if you can. It’s probably faster, doesn’t strain your hosts bandwidth and there’s a good chance it’s been cached already from other sites.

There’s also other errors other than the mixed content.

That’s not quite true, @teefers. With its usual arrogance, the European Union insists that any website collecting data on residents of the EU must comply with GDPR. One could probably ignore this extraterritorial bossiness but many countries, such as Japan and Canada are aligning their laws with GDPR for the sake of free-trade deals. Many US companies are complying with GDPR, too, and Microsoft has been campaigning for a US equivalent of GDPR.

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I see the mixed content errors too now. Hadn’t really looked at web inspector yet on a couple sites I’m working on. Thanks. Any suggestions on switching the http fonts to https?

That appears to be in the Theme you are using "florence" from Brandon Lee. I just checked checked the demo site and the http: is there.

Contact the developer or change themes. You could edit the theme yourself, it’s more then just fonts the jquerry is also http.

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That’s not really true, @peterdanckwerts, I have seen nothing from Microsoft about bringing GDPR to the US or it’s equivalent. And most US companies only comply with the GDPR if they have a presence in the EU.

The EU contrary to what they think has no authority here.

What Microsoft and a lot of companies have been campaigning for is a federal Privacy law similar to California’s CCPA so we don’t end up with up to 50 different laws on the books.

I doubt that the US Federal Government will pass anything, so it’s more than likely going to be a state by state thing. So far Nevada, New York, and other states have or are considering Laws that closely model California’s CCPA.

CCPA is Totally Different than GDPR

CCPA puts the burden on the large companies that collect and sell individuals data. Most websites, even ones operated in Califonia aren’t impacted by CCPA. It the Giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter along with the Telecomm Companies like Comcast, Verison and AT&T that have to allow the consumer a way to have their data deleted.

With CCPA:

  • There is NO cookie warning
  • You are free to use CDN’s for things like Fonts and JavaScript Libraries
  • You don’t need an “Opt-Out”

Most if not all RapidWeaver sites don’t have to worry about CCPA other than perhaps an update to there privacy statement and probably only if you are using something like Google Analytics.

To be Regulated by CCPA; Any for-profit entity doing business in California, that meets one of the following:

  • Has a gross revenue greater than $25 million.
  • Annually buys, receives, sells, or shares the personal information of more than 50,000 consumers, households, or devices for commercial purposes.
  • Derives 50% or more of its annual revenues from selling consumers’ personal information.
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I was hoping I could go in and just edit the index.html file, but it appears it’s deeper than that. Is that true? I believe the theme is not getting support any longer. I’ve reached out before and heard nothing back even though I just purchased the theme. Total bummer.

You can try and edit the theme itself if you’re willing to do some simple coding.

  1. Right click on the theme inside the theme drawer(where you select the theme in RW8)
  2. There should be an option to copy or duplicate (not at a Mac now).
  3. Once you have copied it, make sure you edit the copy, right click on the copy and there’s an option to show in finder. Select that.

Now I don’t have that theme,but usually there’s an HTML file inside the theme. Maybe template.html or index.html.

There’s where you will find the http: for The fonts and jquery.

make sure you’re using a plain text editor and change the http: to https: on the fonts and the jQuery file.

This may hrlp


Excellent, that cleared up the font and jQuery errors. Now I just need to get through the other 7 errors that are coming up. I kept going to my File Manager for host to edit these files. I didn’t even think to edit the Theme itself, but that makes since. Simply used CodeRunner find all the fonts and jQuery entries to edit the index.html file and then switched the site over to the “Copy”. Checked it out and then copied and pasted the new index.html into the original Theme but first made a copy of the original index.html file just in case it didn’t work for some reason on the switch. Worked like a charm.

Now I gotta get onto the other errors. Thanks!!

@teefers I didn’t say the EU had any authority in the US. In fact, I think it’s pretty obvious from my post that I think the EU is being ridiculous, BUT companies seeking to trade with EU countries are under a lot of pressure to comply with GDPR.

The fact that you haven’t seen anything about Microsoft bringing something like GDPR to the US doesn’t mean that it isn’t true:

As for the possible effects on US companies : GDPR in the US: Compliance Simplified for Businesses - Termly

and, as I said, Canada and Japan are aligning their laws with GDPR. If the UK finally gets a free-trade deal with the EU, it will undoubtedly be obliged to do the same, which will just mean keeping things much as they are. This also means that anyone gathering information on citizens of the UK, Japan and Canada from a website could run into trouble with the authorities of these countries. Some of the large US multinationals have already had to move records of EU customer to EU countries in order to comply.

Personally, I think GDPR is overkill and very poorly thought out, but it is an unpleasant fact of life.


Found some information on the Amazon Logos and Prime Logos not loading on affiliate links. Apparently a lot of people are noticing this and have reported it to Amazon. Rumor has it someone at Amazon dropped the ball on renewing the SSL on the domain the images are hosted on. Thanks for all your help peeps!! Virtual handshakes all around!

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