SSL Mixed Content Security Error due to fonts

(Larry Pardy) #1


I’m getting a mixed content security issue on every page of my site due fonts. This is the return (same for all pages).

Pages with unsecure content: ?,700,300,100,700,900 Sans Pro:300,700,900

I found work around that suggested removing the http: leaving just
// Sans Pro:300,700,900

How do I do that if the theme generates the font links?
Theme is Brandon Lee Reservations


(Michael Frankland) #2

You’ll have to edit the theme files @LGPMac

Right click on the theme find it in the finder
Edit the index.html in a text editor and add “s” to all to make “https://…” etc


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(Larry Pardy) #3

Got it. Did it. And it’s all better! Thanks so much!