SSL Mixed Content Security Error due to fonts

I’m getting a mixed content security issue on every page of my site due fonts. This is the return (same for all pages).

Pages with unsecure content: ?,700,300,100,700,900 Sans Pro:300,700,900

I found work around that suggested removing the http: leaving just
// Sans Pro:300,700,900

How do I do that if the theme generates the font links?
Theme is Brandon Lee Reservations


You’ll have to edit the theme files @LGPMac

Right click on the theme find it in the finder
Edit the index.html in a text editor and add “s” to all to make “https://…” etc


Grab a :cocktail:


Got it. Did it. And it’s all better! Thanks so much!


Hi, i have had the same issue, i’ve gone into each individual css file for the fonts in the theme contents and added the ‘s’ to the url and the main page is now fine but some other (not all) sub pages are coming up with the mixed content errors for those same fonts. So i figure it can’t be the font css file? I’ve gone to the line it is showing that the error is occurring for each different page and all of them are relating to this:

	<script type="text/javascript" src="../rw_common/themes/Epicon/javascript.js"></script>

Question is, how do i fix this easily across all of the pages and where do i go to fix it? I’ve opened the html5shiv.js file and i can’t find anywhere a url is mentioned.

That’s a relative path to a file and should not generate such an error message.

What’s the page where this occurs?

i would guess it’s not the link to that file itself, but perhaps a line inside this file. but only a wild guess without more specific info.

What theme are you using? Did you contact the theme developer to see if they have or would update the theme?

Without a URL to the site or page it’s going to be difficult to get help from folks on the forum.

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