Anyone know how to replace <BR><BR> with <P> using CSS

I am having trouble with the built-in Rapidweaver Blog. When I paste in text I seem to be ending up with

rather than the more modern paragraph break of


Is there a way to replace these with CSS as it makes the blog posts look wrong having so much white space between paragraphs. It might have looked okay in 1999, but pretty much everything these days has ditched the

way of spacing.

Any ideas how I can get these blog entries right would be MASSIVELY appreciated.


This is not possible with CSS. However, you can have RW use p tags if you format the blog post before hand. Select the text that you want to be a paragraph and simply go to Format -> HTML -> Paragraph

Thanks Joe. I will have a look at that. I was actually just looking at your CMS to see if I could use that for blogging, but it seems that it is for other stuff rather thn blogging - but looks awesome all the same.

@Pip Blog support is being added to Total CMS as we speak. However, the Feeds feature in Total CMS is great as a “blog lite”. I really don’t think that most people actually need a blog. A news feed works better in many cases.

@joeworkman Gosh! That’s food for thought. No blog. Now you’ve got me thinking.

What’s the difference between a blog and a newsfeed?

And Joe, what are you using for your blog at:

My current blog uses my Tumblr stack. I plan on redoing my website where I will use Total CMS 100%.

Each post in a blog has a dedicated URL. You also have tags/categories, archives, etc. A feed is simply a list of posts that are displayed in a page. You can have image and text. You can display the latest X number of posts on your pages. When something gets older, then it falls off the list. The feed does also have an RSS feed. For 90% or more of the time that is all we need. IMHO.

You should watch the recording of one of the hangouts that I did last week. I talk about feeds about 90 mins in probably.

Cheers Joe. I’ve been checking out Total CMS and it looks seriously good and it would help me out in other ways as then a colleague could add/edit stuff too rather than me having to do everything on my Mac.

I’m going to give some thought to this newsfeed stuff too as I think your point is very valid.